Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Do We Want to Adopt?

We are a caring, passionate and fun loving couple and have always dreamed of having a family. As a newly married couple in July, 2005 we began thinking right away about having a family. After several months of trying on our own, we learned that we needed to try fertility treatments. Although the world of fertility treatments was new to us, we both embraced the process. Through our positive approach, the first treatment worked and we thought we were on our way to starting our family.

However, when Melissa was 20 weeks pregnant with identical twins she began experiencing contractions and had to go to the hospital where Melissa was given medication to slow the contractions. Unfortunately, though, nothing could be done and Melissa went into labor and we lost the babies. Like any healthy couple, we put everything in perspective and tried to continue to have a family. Unfortunately, as a result of the complications with the loss of the twins, we are not able to have our own children.

We want to build our family through adoption with love, laughter, fun and passion.

Melissa and Seth

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