Sunday, September 28, 2008

Melissa and Seth - Introduction

Hey There,

We are a loving professional couple looking to adopt a newborn in the United States. We are willing to pay all allowable expenses.

Melissa has been a 4th Grade Teacher for the past 11 years. She is extremely dedicated to teaching and continues to amaze every one around her with her energy, love and dedication to children. Melissa will make a great parent as evidenced by her undying committment to Chloe, her 17 year old cat (Seth loves her, too!).

Seth has been working in Public Health his whole career. He is a born people person and loves working with people to help them obtain the services they need. Seth is the Director of a Medicare Pilot Project and has been volunteering on Tuesday nights with seniors for over 4 years. He is looking forward to a time where he can share his caring and passionate personality with a child.

Our email is:

Toll free number: 877-577-3362



Arlene Mix said...

Dear Seth and Melissa, I certainly hope your wait won't be much longer. I was glad to hear you are pursuing the adoption option. The website is incredible, and thank you for your openess in sharing yourselves and your challenges and dreams. You will be the most awesome parents, and some baby will be so very lucky! Happy New Year to you and the rest of the family. I've spread the word far and wide; my contact list has 1400 or so names, and though some bounced back, a lot didn't!
A nurse I know said a lot of adoptions transpire via prospective parents first becoming foster parents to inner city children from baby to age 2,so she suggested this if you want to investigate. I could certainly empathize that it would be hard forming attachments that didn't result in adoption... Much love from your cousin, Arlene Mix

Carolyn said...


I was sent information about your journey by my cousin, Joanie, who knows Sherrie Smith. I live in Virginia and have a friend who has adopted 2 children via an agency in Texas called Abrazo. They were open adoptions. My friend and her husband found the open adoption process worked (works) really well for them and had good success with that agency.

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...


My college friend Dan posted a link to your page. Another friend of mine from college, Lisa Bayha Deck, recently adopted her second child. I am sure she would love to share information with you. Perhaps you could do a facebook search and message her.

Good luck to you both!