Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Adoption Book

We just wanted to take a quick moment to let you all know that we're still looking for a sibling for Noah. We just finished our adoption book which we will be sharing with potential birth parents. Check it out: Our Adoption Book


Lawfrog said...

I just read your story on Facebook Fairytales and I was so moved by your dedication to building your family. I have close friends who adopted their son (born on Christmas Day - such a gift in so many ways) and hearing that they had received the child they waited so long for was beyond amazing for everyone who knew them.

I am SO glad you have your beautiful son and I wish you a lot of luck in finding his sibling. The child you are meant to raise as his brother/sister is out there and God will lead him or her to you. Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. Until you have been through this, no one can know the pain and sorrow a family can go through with the trials and sometimes tribulations of Invito Fertilization. I lost 8 babies of my own, and after 5 attempts was finally blessed with my beautiful Collin Joseph. He will graduate kindergarten tomorrow, and as I sit her and ponder (and struggle to hold back the tears) of where the time went, I can't help but wonder if it isn't time to evaluate the possibility of adoption. Collin begs for a baby brother or sister every day, and I can't figure out how to explain to him that mommy just can't give him one (I was on bed rest with him for 20 weeks, and his delivery was so difficult), and I think adoption would be the perfect avenue. He is such an angel, and he ADORES babies and other children. My husband and I have so much more love to give, but if the Lord has chosen a different path for us, I am grateful that we were blessed with Collin. God bless you and the birth mother who so unselfishly chose to give you the greatest gift you will ever know.