Monday, April 11, 2011

The Waiting Game

The whole process of private, independent adoption is an interesting, frustrating, and in the end (hopefully) rewarding process. The great thing, in comparison to an Agency Adoption, is that you have more "control" over the process. And of course, that's the worse thing because you never really have any control at all. Trying to determine how to present yourself, where to spend money on advertising, which website is worth the money, who you should tell, etc. etc. is very daunting. Once you decide what you want to do in terms of marketing, then it's a waiting game. And, as you wait, you start asking questions: When will someone call us or send us an email? Has anyone clicked on the advertisement? Why aren't people calling? What should we do next? Should we spend more money on the website that was forwarded to us?

What's great about the process is that if you connect with the right situation, then you can avoid some of the red tape and some of the delay that can happen in an Agency Adoption. It can also be much cheaper than going in a different direction. Of course, this approach leaves you out there for potential scammers, and can be costly if you're not smart. And, it is not always cheaper or quicker in comparison to other types of adoption.

The unfortunate reality, is that no matter which way you choose, you are still going to feel a bit out of control. I recommend that if you choose to go through private, independent adoption, you implement the strategies that you can afford and that make you feel the most comfortable. As you may have heard,  "The baby you are meant to have will find you."

As for us. . .we are still in the Waiting Game and we are still weighing our options.

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