Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank You Anderson Cooper!

We had a great time taping Anderson Cooper's Show "Anderson" that aired on 4/11/2012. We really appreciate the opportunity to share our story and to let people know that we are still looking for the perfect match to complete our family. We can't wait and neither can Noah.
Here's a link to the Anderson Show. Click Here

The Anderson Show also posted a couple of clips on YouTube!

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Unknown said...

Just saw your segment on Anderson. So sorry to read/hear of your multiple losses. Bless you =0). We too have lost our only bio children (to stillbirth) and now are awaiting approval to adopt an older child from China. He's a talented artist and I'm an art teacher. We saw this young man's profile in a yahoo email group. We would've never known of him if it weren't for the internet.