Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just in Case You Are New to the Site

Hey Everyone,
Just in case you are new to the site, or perhaps you read about us in a recent article (Parenting Magazine), I thought I'd re-post some information about us. As you probably know, we continue to try to use the internet, Facebook and word of mouth to get the word out about our search. You might also want to ready our story that was featured on! Check it out by clicking on Waiting for A Baby. Feel free to email us at any time with your comments.

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La Dama said...

Hello. I just finished reading your story in the Emily Liebert book. I think it is amazing how Noah came to your lives. You were blessed! I know in one of your posting you said you weren't that lucky but I think with Noah you won the lottery already. God bless your family. It's beautiful <3